Steve Lee did his undergraduate work (B.A.) at Metropolitan State College in Denver, and his post-graduate (M.A.) at the University of Colorado, Denver Center. However, it is important to remember that Steve’s favorite quote on education comes from Mark Twain—“I went to school, but I never let it interrupt my education.”

Steve taught sixth grade for thirty-two years in Jefferson County Public Schools. He was nominated for several awards during his career, and received the Jefferson Foundation’s Distinguished Teacher Award in 1994. In addition to classroom teaching, Steve developed curriculum for the Outdoor Education Laboratory Schools at Mt. Evans and Windy Peak. He is still active in the Gifted and Talented Astronomy program.

Steve’s wife, Lynette, says that he’s flunked retirement. Steve says he’s exceeding the standard. It depends on one’s point of view. For a brief period, he was an engineer for the Denver Zoo Railroad. Now, he’s the operations manager of the Rio Golden Railroad at Heritage Square. In addition, he works at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, where he works both guest services and educational outreach. Most folks side with Lynette’s interpretation of Steve’s retirement activities.

Not satisfied with the schedule outlined above, Steve has developed a storytelling career. And if the truth be known, that’s where his heart lies. Sharing inspirational stories of  people overcoming adversity, or Colorado railroad history, or stories that are “…absolutely, positively, 100% almost true,” Steve has a knack for connecting with his audiences, both young and old.

Steve and Lynette have two grown kids, and three grandkids. The kids, Lani and Jon, have learned to take half of what Steve says with a grain of salt. The other half, they don’t believe in the first place. The grandkids are catching on as well.



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