Otto Mears

This exciting program is a living history presentation of Otto Mears, the Pathfinder of the San Juan Mountains. Mr. Mears was born in Russia in 1840, and emigrated, by himself, to the United States before he was eleven years old. His impact on Colorado is worth knowing, and was carefully researched at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, Colorado. Additional research includes interviews of Mr. Mears' descendants. This program is also offered through the Colorado Humanities - Chautauqua Speakers Bureau (Listed under "M" for Mears).

Helen M Searchy wrote, "No history of the State could be written without him as one of the chief actors on the stage of the pioneer and creative period."

Pioneers of the San Juan County, Volume I, pp. 15-17.

Hiram Wheeler

Hiram is a 19th century boomer, well-versed in the early days of Colorado railroading. He is available for both teaching about the role railroads played in the development of Colorado, and for storytelling. The programs can be adjusted to fit many different goals.

Example stories in this set:

  • "The Opening of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad between Ridgway and Rico." A true story with adventure and education.
  • "Jack, the Rail Dog." The true story of a dog that won the hearts of a dusty town in Arizona.
  • "A.J. and Slither" This story about a telegrapher that teaches Morse Code to a rattlesnake is, well, a little hard to swallow....

All of Hiram's work is done under the auspices of the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, Colorado.

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