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"The children were enraptured with Steve's stories! He was truly the best presenter we had all summer."

Karla Zelvis
Director of Education Programs
Four Mile Historic Pa










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Steven R. Lee - Storyteller
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Phone - (720) 878-7945

Thanks for coming up to Outdoor Education Lab School to tell us about Hiram Wheeler, Dr. Seuss, and Alligator Woman. Here are some comments from the students you presented your program to.

  • Spectacular stories from a thoughtful storyteller. MVD
  • Mr. Lee was really funny. His stories are almost 100% true. PP
  • A very enthusiastic storyteller.AG
  • Mr. Lee took his time, thought out his story, did his research, and then told wonderful tales. MW
  • Unpredictable stories make you wonder what is coming next. LR
  • I was mesmerized by Mr. Lee's stories. RC
  • I love your description of such colorful characters.TM
  • I loved your inspirational stories and how they teach you a life long lesson. DF
  • It is a pleasure to listen to a great storyteller. What a talent! LLA teacher